This group is for people to come together in a friendly comfortable atmosphere to network and develop a healthy, successful, spiritual balance for both body and soul. Those seeking joy, abundance, inner peace through personal transformation and enlightenment.

On our show, affectionately known as “TIBS TV” we have had and will continue to showcase people and groups that make the world a better place by using their gifts and talents to bring joy and growth to all.

The Intuitive Body & Soul TM is on a mission to create the awareness that each of us are co-creators in the universe and to raise our “Global Consciousness” to a higher vibration. We can create positive change no matter what our gifts - art, music, communication, parenting, organizing and so much more. “What if” all the people of all the world set an intention that we could, all of us, live in peace - and held that intention even just for a few minutes? Imagine the impact! The idea that - oh, maybe we don’t have to kill each other in order to be free.... crazy? unrealistic? Let’s plant the seeds and see, what do we have to lose? We look forward to taking this spiritual journey together!    All belief systems are welcome!

It's easy to get in touch - or or 978-807-7608

Meetup at: or use the icons to our links above