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12 Month Tarot Forecast


         Your 12 Month Tarot Forecast will give you an overview of your entire year ahead.  A yearly Tarot forecast, may give you insight into each month, such as which month ahead will bring you Love?  Happiness? Money?  Where do you need to focus your energy?  A month-by-month intuitive Tarot analysis, each month is read, characterized and broken down individually, in an easy-to read format.  Is January a good month to try that new business venture?  Maybe your love life gets truly exciting in February.  Is this a good month for important decision-making?  Find out with your own personal forecast/reading.  As part of your forecast, you will also receive an overview summary - the underlying current or influence of your entire year.  Also included are meditation exercises and techniques, geared towards each particular month’s needs.  You can record the exercises and meditative techniques and listen to them with your favorite relaxing music. They are a helpful guidance tool.  


Don't wait, a 12 Month Tarot Forecast can begin in any month of  the year.





                 12 Month Tarot Forecast


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 Please prepay for your 12 Month Forecast: $95.00 

Venmo, Zelle or use this link for PayPal

All major credit cards accepted:  978-807-7608 - Joanie