The Intuitive

   Body & Soul



Body and spirit working together in harmony





                                  A colcollaboration of “Kindred Souls” founded by Joan Turner.


          I created a group, for people to come together in a friendly comfortable atmosphere to network and develop a healthy, successful, spiritual balance for both body and soul.


The Intuitive Body & Soul uses the “tools of enlightenment” that we all possess as well as energy techniques such as magnetizing, meditation, hypnosis, affirmations and more. When we merge the practices of Integrated Energy Therapy, Diet and Health Coaching, we create a space for healing, balance and centeredness to both the physical and emotional parts of who we are.


          That is our mission for ourselves and all who are seeking joy, abundance, inner peace through personal transformation and enlightenment. Organized religions are not a factor here - all belief systems are welcome.


You see things; and you say, “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say, “why not?” – George Bernard Shaw


Meet the team:


Joan Turner – Founder

Certified Intuitive Counselor * Certified Hypnotist

Custom Numerology Reporting * Advanced Numerology Certification

Past Life Regression * Channeling/Mediumship * Ordination * Meditation

Meditative Art Programming * Creator, *Hyp-Scrypts  * 12 Month Forecast

Deborah Carpenter - Founder/Creator of the *HALO Healing Method

Intuitive Medium/Psychic * Polarity Healing * Reiki Master 
Melchizedek Healing Level 5 Certification * Ordained into the order of Melchizedek

Certification in the studies of the 7 Sacred Flames * Ascended Masters (advanced study)

Denise Logan

Intuitive Advisor * Tarot Readings * Oracle Card Reading 

35 Years of experience in the reading realms

Marnie Heart

Intuitive Advisor * Mediumship * Oracle Card Reading 

Empath * 30+ Years of Intuitive Guidance 

Kiera Powers – Social Media

Student Tarot Reader * Fellow at Americorp * Teacher

Guidance for Young women * Intuitive Creativity Artist

*Hyp-Scrypts copyright 2002 Joan Turner

*HALO Healing Method copyright 2017 Deborah Carpenter








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