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Let's Channel and Communicate with Loved Ones ... some consider it better than a Seance, what do you think?


Join Intuitive Adviser, Joan Turner for a lively discussion of the supernatural. As part of this unique evening event, you will delve into the interesting world of the paranormal through the experience of an actual Spirit Communication as we attempt to make contact with those we love and who have made the transformation to other side... the spirit side. I ask that you bring a personal item and/or photograph of the person you would like to make contact with.  While contact is not guaranteed, I find that in many cases our loved ones want to contact and talk to us just as much as we would like to talk to them.  I hope you will join us for this always meaningful experience. 

Do you believe in the paranormal, have you had experiences, seen Spirit, or heard voices? Join us and share your thoughts.

There is something for everyone both the experienced and inexperienced. You only need have an open mind, a strong desire to hear what our loved ones have to tell us and not just what we are "hoping" to hear and, perhaps a healthy curiosity for the paranormal. 


If you would like to schedule a channeling session for your family and/or friends contact us.


If you have friends/family who may benefit or be interested in this event, please let them know.