Deborah  Carpenter


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Deborah Carpenter is a licensed CNA doing private hospice work.  As a child and throughout her life she has been fascinated with the metaphysical world.  As a result of a series of psychic events, and attunement to  numerous healing modalities has led her to develop a specialized healing method, called the:     


                                                           HALO Healing Method


Many of us carry residual imprinting and in some cases negative karmic energy with us from one lifetime to another. This affects the way we view the world today, how we interact, and even our health!

Debbie and her spiritual team of higher energy beings are able to “reset” any energy that is no longer serving our highest good. She has been doing this telepathically for many decades and is now provides her services “one on one” in the physical plane. This energy work is typically done in several stages, depending on what each individual requires.

Package plans are available on request.

You can reach Debbie by email:


Deborah's qualifications include:

Intuitive Medium/Psychic 
Polarity Healing 
Reiki Master 
Melchizedek Healing
Level 5 Certification 
Ordained into the order of Melchizedek

Certification in the studies of the 7 Sacred Flames

Ascended Masters (advanced study)