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Dream Interpretation


The fact that you are reading this right now means your brain is emitting rather fast beta waves.  When you lay down to sleep for the night your brain waves begin to slow down, emitting alpha waves, then deeper and deeper - you go into theta wave sleep and there you begin to dream....


Everyone dreams.  We don't always remember them, but everyone does indeed dream. Do you have scary dreams, re-ocurring dreams??  Do you walk in your sleep? Symbols, colors and numbers are all components and are the language of dreams. A symbol can invoke a feeling or an idea and often has a much more profound and deeper meaning than any one word can convey. Our dreams and the objects and symbols can leave us confused and wondering "what did this dream mean?"  Am I having a precognitive dream? How do we know the difference between a dream that is a premonition and one that is not? What is meant by the phrase "lucid dreaming?"


Acquiring the ability to interpret your dreams is a awesome tool. In analyzing your dreams, you may get insights about relationships and deep secrets and hidden feelings.  You will find that once you have a little knowledge you will be the person who is best at interpreting your dreams!  


If you would like to schedule a "Dream Interpretation" 2 hour workshop for your family and/or friends contact us.


If you have friends/family who may benefit or be interested in this event, please let them know.