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Evening With the Psychic


               Enjoy yourself!  This is a favorite of mine! A three-hour evening of Psychic interpretation, and auric readings. The Aura, is the energy field around the body.   Learn how to “see” Auras and what they mean. Join Joanie for a lively conversation about symbolism and possible chance encounters with the spirit world during an Aura reading.  There will be an explanation of colors and symbol interpretations, as seen in the Aura. You will learn how to “read” drawn pictures and calculate your birth number and what that means for you.  Each person will have an opportunity to have their Aura read.   


Minimum of 5 people, 9 people maximum. 


Evening with the Psychic:    $35.00


Contact us to set up an "Evening With the Psychic for your group or check our Upcoming Events page to see if this event is happening in your area.