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The HALO Healing Method was created by Deborah Carpenter who, as a youngster was

perplexed by the unexplained phenomena that permeated her childhood, and into her teenage years.  She had been "seeing" spirit(s) that would instruct her by showing her other beings in the spirit world that needed assistance in order to move forward in their spiritual journeys.  These seemingly gentle and all knowing "Higher Beings" began showing her how to connect her energy with theirs and methods to help these troubled beings.  

She soon realized that not "everyone" had these experiences with Higher Beings and the healings which came so naturally to her.  Eventually her search began in earnest to find others to help her to understand her "gift".  She found many many wonderful Healers, Intuitives and Shamans who were working with energies in many different ways.  Her spirit guides instructed her to take away with her many of the modalities she learned and to enhance those procedures into what is now known as the Halo Healing Method!  

The Halo Healing Method works with past life energies and on several different planes or levels. Debbie and her team of Higher Spiritual Beings work by removing and "resetting" these energies that have manifested themselves in an unhealthy way here in this lifetime affecting the way we view the world, our inner peace - even our physical health!

Many methods work in a "cookie-cutter" sort of way, everyone gets the same treatment- the HALO method of healing is customized, that is to say it is as individual as you are.  Certain energies are cleared in one session, while others may take several sessions, the Spiritual team continues the  work  long after your session(s) with Debbie.  

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