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Trying to quit smoking?  Having a difficult time losing weight?  Pulling of hair or other BFRB's? Perhaps you are trying to increase the strength of your memory or reduce your amount of stress or "how" you handle the stress in your life.  Sometimes we feel we don't have any control over our own lives! How would you feel if you could deal with the challenges in your life in a more positive manner?  Hypnosis has helped many people do just that. Can "you" be hypnotized?  While it may take longer for some, I believe everyone can be hypnotized, and for most of us one or two sessions will be enough to create positive changes -  any additional sessions needed are half price (pertaining to the same issue).  I will digitally record your sessions, and email them to you.  They can be downloaded to computers or other devices. You will have them to listen to and reinforce your new behavior patterns.   


Cost:  $120.00/per person prepaid 

(A follow up session is offered at no additional cost) 

From: "Kathleen ****
To: "Joanisa" <joanisa@comcast.net>

Subject: I have lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks. yahoo!!!

Hi everyone, this weight loss hypnosis really works. Lost 2.5 lb first week and 5.5 second week - 8 lbs in two weeks and I have not desired to eat any more than I did.


From: "Tom ****

To: "Joanisa" <joanisa@comcast.net>


I have lost 7 in the past 3 weeks, I still have 18 more to go but for the first time feel good about getting the job done.  A great de-stresser too - thank you! 


From: "Samantha ****

To: "Joanisa" <joanisa@comcast.net>

This is the only thing that worked for me!  I had been smoking for over 10 years, I have been smoke free now for 3 months (and counting).  I listen to the recording of my session about once a week and think it really helps a lot!  I would recommend it for everyone.

Consider joining  our Intuitive Body & Soul Meetup, it's free to join and will keep you in the know about what is being offered:


Joan Turner, Certified Hypnotist, agrees to provide professional services in accordance with acquired training and experience. Services provided utilize induction of hypnosis, and methods and principles used to help clients discover their inner creative abilities to develop positive thinking and feeling and to transform undesirable habits and behavior patterns. Client may be taught the use of self-hypnotic techniques to assist in achieving goals and resolving issues that have been mutually agreed upon by both parties.  Hypnosis is not a state of sleep, but is a natural state of mind that can produce extraordinary levels of relaxation of mind, body and emotions. The principles and theories upon which hypnosis is based are accessing and utilizing the power of one's own inner resources. Hypnosis can access the subconscious mine and facilitate the acceptance of suggestions, directions and instructions desired by the client. I will utilize interviews, discussion and hypnotic methods to help achieve desired results. Services to be provided do not include the practice of medicine, I am not a physician. 
Joan Turner, registered in accordance and, by constitutional bylaws with the American Alliance of Hypnotists, Certification No. 3233


Client Agreement 
I understand that my sessions are for the purpose of learning and that my progress comes from my participation. I understand that these are not medical or psychotherapy sessions. It is recommended that you inform your doctors and therapist of your use of hypnotism. I understand sessions are to enable me to better understand myself, my relationships with other people and my environment. The hypnotist cannot and will not predict outcomes or make decisions for me. I assume full responsibility for my actions and inactions which relate to any sessions. By making an appointment, you are in legal agreement.