Tarot Card Reading Workshop


               Learn how to read the Tarot cards! The cards are a divination tool, providing guidance you can use to advise your family and friends as well as gain insights for yourself. We are always in control of the decisions we make and we are where we are in our lives "because" of those decisions. If you don't like where you are in your life, you will want to be a better "decision-maker"- the cards can help.


We will be going through each card individually, as well as learning several layouts including, the Celtic Cross. Bring your Tarot cards.  If you don't yet have them, cards can be found/purchased at most book and New Age stores. The Rider deck is recommended for students.


Workshop Fee:   $100.00 prepaid (5 person minimum - 20 maximum) for 10 hours of instruction - contact us at IntuitiveBodyandSoul@gmail.com or call 978-807-7608 to set up a schedule for your private group, or take a look on "Upcoming Events" page to see if there is a class scheduled in your area.  paypal.me/TIBSBradford/100


Private/Semiprivate Lessons are also available:  $20.00 per hour, per person - contact us - call 978-807-7608 to set up schedule. paypal.me/TIBSBradford/200

Venmo and Zelle are also accepted.

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