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Magnetizing what you want and drawing the objects, forms, money, and people you want into your life is easier when you work with energy and magnetism before you take action. Whether you are a beginner at magnetizing or an accomplished abundance magnet you know that with regard to magnetizing abundance, we seem to cycle through “good times” and “not-so-good”.  You may ask, “Why is that?”  One reason may be, while we are taking part in a group effort or going through a solitary program – our mind is FOCUSED on abundance and becoming magnetic to it.  We THINK about it (thoughts create our reality).  We TALK about it.  We do magnetizing EXERCISES. In other words, we apply a concentrated consistent effort!  The key word here is consistent, because once we leave our study environment, a lot of us lose our momentum, and we don’t stay focused.  A monthly Magnetizing meeting keeps us focused and consistent.  A loose itinerary for this meeting is:  an hour or so of discussion, which would include going over magnetizing techniques, sharing abundance experiences and what “worked” for you, secondly a magnetizing exercise, consisting of getting into a relaxed meditative state and doing energy work.  These and monthly “homework” will keep us focused – even when we are not in class.


Meetings are ‘generally’ held on the 3rd Monday of each month, 7-9PM Bradford,MA

 Suggestions and comments are always welcome.    


Contact us if you would like to have a lecture/series for your group exclusively, flat rates/fees are available.


Prices are included on our "upcoming events" page.




Visualize a world without hunger, poverty or war... every reality started with an idea and a vision!