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Numerology Workshop


The study of Numerology is exciting,  and very insightful and informative.  If you thought you knew all there was to know about yourself, you will be very surprised to see how your life has a path it has traveled and is traveling still!


Your Numerology Workshop will teach you how to find your:


* Birth and name numbers.

* Challenge number.
* Growth number.

* Maturity number.

* Karmic report card.


Joanie, our numerologist,  will teach you the formulas to calculate your Core numbers, which include your Life Path, Ability, Soul Urge, and Sub opportunity.  You will learn what "sub-elements" are and what that means for you.​​​​​  This course also includes name numbers, day, month and year numbers.  You will be able to analyze any name, and birth-date for yourself and anyone else.  I will even show you what "karmic" lessons you have learned in past incarnations - I feel this is truly the best and most complete numerology course available! You will need a 3 ring binder notebook for storing forms and notes, for this course. 

Workshop Fee: $95.00 prepaid (4 person minimum - no maximum) for 20 hours of instruction - contact us or call 978-807-7608  to discuss setting up a schedule for your private group.  I can accommodate classes at Joanie's Studio or we can schedule classes at your home or other venue, also look on  our "Upcoming Events" page to see if there is a class scheduled in your area. 


Private/Semi Private Lessons are also available:

$20.00 per hour, per person - contact us or call 978-807-7608 to set up schedule.


Interested in having a Numerology Report prepared for you?