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Numerology Report

The study of Numerology is both exciting and informative!  I have a strong interest in Numerology and am quadruple Numerological Advanced Certified. 


I am happy to generate your Numerology Report which includes: Your birth or core number which indicates your life path – why you are here….Name number – was your name given by divine design?  What does it mean? Your challenge number – why do certain people have “certain” challenges? Growth number – is your growth number a 4? Are you learning to work within limitations?  Your maturity number – when will my spiritual growth be complete? Karmic report card – have I paid my karmic debts? Have I created any new Karma?


Your numbers have lots to say about you!  


                            Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your Numerology Report.


Numerology Report: $150.00


Would you like to study Numerology?  Both group and private lessons are available.