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I recently shared a post from Walden Farms, the farm I buy my meats from. There were various responses to that share - one of which was an icon with tears coming from the eyes. Obviously someone did not like the idea of eating meat. It got me to thinking about my vegetarian days. I had seen a video posted by https://www.peta.org/ (PETA, animal rights group) and saw the cruelty in which the animals we share the planet with are being treated, was traumatized enough to not eat meat for years.

So, the question is, if you find a place where animals are treated with the honor and respect they deserve - is it now okay to "eat" them? Seems the decision to eat plants and animals is a personal one. In nature, animals eat animals, but humans are animals too - is it okay to consume humans? One would argue that humans are intelligent (??? I know, I know ... a conversation for another time :) I doubt with all the chemicals, skin lotions, tats, hardware (nose rings...) and additives etc.. that humans would be safe to eat anyway. So for me, a definite no to eating humans.

Is consuming animals different from consuming plants? Plants are alive, have measurable energy and believed by some to have feelings. They respond to music and sunlight - most believe this is an instinctual reaction. Uncle Joe said when he died he wanted his ashes mixed into the soil of the tomato plants so he could have eternal life through those who ate of the tomatoes. I went back to my childhood home to see the current owners had planted squash seedlings right over a beloved pet's burial spot...

Seems that the cycle of life (and death) occurs not only whether we want it to or not, but we are mostly unaware of what the influences surrounding that cycle might be. Is eating plants and animals part of that cycle? I don't know, I guess it's part of our individual path to figure that out for ourselves.

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