Where is my Soul Mate?


Do Soul mates really exist? What is meant by the phrase "The Mate that is mine by Divine right"? If there are such things, is there a difference between the two? I believe the answers are yes, yes and last but not least... "yes". Your mate is hoping to find you as much as you are hoping to find him or her. They are already living and walking on the face of the planet. They exist! And because they do we are able to connect to them on an energy level more fully to their ethereal bodies. Using a combination of meditation and a touch of hypnosis, you can sense personality traits - do they have a good sense of humor? Are they creative? happy? have children? I have been coaching meditations for over 30 years and am a certified Hypnotist.


In this meeting we will be talking about relationships and the use of the phrases/terms "Soul Mate" and "My Mate by Divine Right", take a short break and then I will lead you into a meditation and, not only make a connection to, but actually begin to "magnetize" or draw the energy of our mate to ourselves.


Be sure to wear comfortable clothing (nothing tight or confining) - we'll be seated in chairs however, if you'd like to bring and use a Yoga mat, you may do so depending on available floor space. Both you and your mate are physical "Body" and spiritual "Soul" beings - learn how to use your energy and intuition to attract the correct person into your life.


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