Curious about superstitions and unusual sayings – are “you” superstitious?  If you avoid black cats and walking under ladders – you are (even if you think “well, I’m just not taking any chances”). 


Where did superstitions and weird sayings originate?

Broken mirrors?!? – Did you know, before mirrors were actually created, you could see your reflection in a river, pond, pool or bowl. Your reflection was believed to represent your soul. Distorting a mirror, glass or water filled bowl damaged the reflection, thus the soul!  If you were a servant and broke a master’s mirror, you’d be an indentured servant to the owner of the mirror for 7 years….

FYI, and those of you who are superstitious…  There is a way you can avoid the 7 years of bad luck….  Join us for this and more intriguing sayings/beliefs and find out how!

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